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HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine

The PE film washing machine is a complete line for crushing washing and drying of PE film and other soft waste plastic materials like LDPE agricultural film, LLDPE stretch film,HDPE shopping bags, PE garbage bags,PP woven bags and PP jumbo bags,etc.

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HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine Application Areas:

PE/PP washing line of Wanrooetech is capable of processing a wide range of hard and soft plastic waste, for example, Agriculture Film, LDPE polyethylene films, greenhouse films, package films and bags, Big bags (Raffia), HDPE/PP bottles, barrels, box, etc.

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HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine Description:

HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine is mainly used to recycle the waste PP/PE film and woven bags..etc.  The production line includes the conveyor belt, metal detector (optional), wet crusher, floating washer, high-speed friction washer, centrifugal dewatering machine, drying system and material collecting.

We have a special crusher, grinder machine for the film, sack with special blades design; so the output material is a smaller size but capacity is higher; It will help washing the materials more clean, and save labor cost and energy.

You can also choose to use the shredder machine to reduce the material size, it’s according to your requirements, if use the shredder, the blades will last a long time and save blades changing labor cost.

This production can come with the plastic baler machine, to produce the plastic bales easy for transportation. Can also come with Squeezing Pelletizing Machine, to dry the materials and make granules. Instead of a dewatering machine, drying system and agglomerator. Saves cost, it is energy-saving equipment.

We also have the trammel machine used to screen out the inside sand, rocks from the material.

We provide effective, customized proposals and cost-effective solutions by listening to and understanding our customer’s needs.  

HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine Process Flow: 

Send the film and bags to the wet crusher machine
 Conveyor with Metal Detector(Optional)
It separates impurities such as metals in the films and bags, Sends the materials to the wet crusher machine
Cuts the films and bags into small pieces  size
Wet Crusher Machine
A wet crusher cuts the PP / PE film into small pieces approximately 10-20mm in size and moves onto the next piece of equipment.
 Send the films and bags to the Floating Washing machine
Screw Feeder
 Put the films and bags into the Hot washer to clean
The first time Floating wash the bags and films
Floating Washing Tank
As the PP / PE films enter the friction washer, the plastic film rubs against each other at high speeds getting rid of hard-to-remove contamination.
Feeding bags and film scraps to friction washer
Screw Feeder
Put the films and bags into the High-speed Friction Washer to clean
Separate the contamination from film and bags
High-Speed Friction Washing Machine
After crushing material from enters the mouth, through the high speed on the axis of the blade flap and spray water to the common function of good cleaning effect.
The second time Floating wash the bags and films
Floating Washing Tank
It is used in cleaning film and bags, making the film cleaner.
Dry the film and bags
Dewatering Machine  
The dewatering machine uses centrifugal force to spin water moisture off the films and bags.
Hot air to dry the films and bags
Pipeline Dryer
Using the hot air to take the humidity away from the clean material.
Storage dry pieces of films and bags
Storage silo
A storage tank for the clean, dry pieces of PP  PE films and bags.
 make film and bags into granules
Pelletizer / Extruder 
 We offer both single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders. Based on your requirements, we offer both one-stage and double-stage pelletizing setups where granules can be formed using a granulator or water-ring cutting.

HDPE LDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine Features:

The PE/PP Film system is designed for washing films with contamination levels exceeding 80% Minimizing the recycling water flow rate and evaporation losses.

The pre-treatment module of the system is equipped wear-resistant design to maximize system uptime.

Pre-shredding and pre-washing systems remove a large percentage of abrasive materials (sand, grit, etc.) to protect the rest of the system.

The shredding system is designed specifically for film materials to create a uniform particle size that is easy for washing and drying.

High-speed washing system optimized according to the specific material type liberates and separates contamination from film flakes.

Mechanical (centrifugal and squeezing) and thermal drying systems control the moisture content of the finished product. At < 5% moisture the material is suitable for high-quality pelletizing.

Shredding, high-speed washing and drying stages are optimized to avoid over-processing which can cause material loss (fines creation).