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Knife Sharpener Machine

knife sharpener machine is mainly for knife grinding center, forestry industry, printing factory, paper and plastic, booklet printing center, medium-sized knife grinding room and other institutional enterprise users. The knife grinding machine is suitable for the processing of various straight-edge knives, mainly crusher blades, wood rotary cutting machine grinding machines, etc.

Wanrooe has three kinds of straight knife sharpeners.

1. PNMD-A normal type knife grinding machine, PNMD-AE low grade/economical type electromagnetic knife grinding machine

2. PNMD-B mid-range electromagnetic knife grinding machine (optional ordinary guide rail, Taiwan silver linear square rail; standard with domestic frequency converter control travel motor)

3. PNMD-C CNC high-grade electromagnetic knife grinding machine (with Taiwan Shangyin linear square rail and high-precision ball screw; standard with domestic frequency converter to control the travel motor)