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Waste Refrigerator Recycling Production Line

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The fridge recycling line is mainly applied to the crushing, separation, and recycling of fridges, whose Freon and compressor have been removed. As being controlled by a PLC system, the fridge recycling facility is being real-timely monitored. The fridge recycling facility is being real- timely monitored. The features include low energy cost, large capacity, great cost-effectiveness, low maintaining cost, good product quality, and so on.


System Layout

The scrap metal of iron, plastic and other impurities can be separated effectively

Production Process

Non-ferrous metal

Imported wear-resistant steel, life guarantee, cracking refrigerator more than 80 thousand

- Low energy consumption.

- Dismantling and recycling capacity of Waste Refrigerators: 50-60 pcs / hour; 80-100 pcs / hour.

- Material separation efficiency: Iron recovery is greater than 98%; Plastic recovery rate is greater than 98%; Foam recovery rate is greater than 95%.

- The bulk density of the iron group: more than 0.7T/Cubic meter, the broken material of uniform size, good stripping effect.

- Foam volume reduction ratio 1:7.

- Especially suitable for tearing large size refrigerators and freezers.

Production Safety

- Material and dust and exhaust, respectively, supporting an independent ventilation system, are conducive to environmental protection and safety in production.

- The production line can be operated remotely and monitored in real-time according to customer requirements.

- Production lines are simultaneously broken and recycled for freezers.

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