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Biological Waste Water Treatment

The vaccine-produced companies will massively emissions, this wastewater may contain some alive bacteria and viruses. Once they are discharged directly into the external environment, they will harm the environment, and thus, the vaccine is developed, producing live Toxic wastewater must be strictly treated. According to the "biological wastewater treatment system" developed by the relevant standards, the inactivation effect does not occur until the secondary pollution occurs, and the laminated transportation is safely disposed of safely.

The biological wastewater treatment system uses high temperature and high-pressure steam to directly heat and direct heat, in a state of continuous high temperatures, to murdered. This inactivation method can murpen viruses and live bacteria in wastewater. And the structure is simple, and the right large tonnage is produced. The equipment has been submitted to test, detect and verify the sterilization function, summarizes the advanced planning concept of sterilization equipment, safety assurance, and supply the scientific basis for the safety and effectiveness of medical and biological products. The verification results show that the high-pressure steam sterilization is short, the safety is strong, and the sterilization quality is secure.