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Plastic Film Recycling Plant

Plastic Film Recycling, Plastic Film Pelletizer, Plastic Squeezing Drying Pelletizer, PP PE Film Squeezing Dewatering Pelletizing

Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Line

Plastic Film Recycling, Plastic Film Pelletizer, Plastic Squeezing Drying Pelletizer, PP PE Film Squeezing Dewatering Pelletizing


Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Line consists of plastic select device, crusher, washer, friction washer, pipe dryer, and silo. The one advantage of Plastic Film Dewatering machine is that there is added with friction washer which is better for the very dirty film. So if your film is quite dirty, this line is the best choice. We can design different lines for our customers according to your request: There are different capacity can be supplied: 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h. You should choose different devices according to your material. According to your country's condition, you may choose a fully automatic line or semi-automatic line. Our customer may purchase a separate device based on his own conditions. We providing a turn-key project for our customers. Design-product-installment-testing.

This machine is not only with high capacity but also with low energy consumption. The final moisture content can up to 3%. It will help you reduce the cost and improve productivity.

Plastic squeezing machine is used to removing the water in plastic after washing. 

no hot air required.

it consumes less power, you can get good drying effect without a hot air system

less waste of materials, as materials will be thrown out from centrifuge, which is big waste.


There are three types for your choose:

1. jaw style, control the outlet pressure to adjust the drying effect

2. breaking style, with a movable device to control the pressure and break the materials

3. hot melting style, with heating part to make the materials to semi-melting grade to get a better quality effect.

Plastic Film Squeezing Pelletizing machine is used for dewatering drying and pelletizing washed PE LDPE HDPE PVC film/ PP woven bags. After film squeezing machine, the final product is small plastic pellet(the moisture ≤1%) can put into extruder directly. Film Squeezing machine saves 3 machines after washing line compares with the traditional recycling line. Save one dewatering machine, one drying system, and one agglomerator. It can save more than100kw/h for one line. So this squeezing machine is an economical and necessary machine for the PP PE recycling pelletizing line.

Working principle: 

Equipped with the special high-quality conical screw. Dewatering and drying the washed film scrap by the strong press and squeezing power. Then agglomerating the film scrap by the self-friction heat. The heating mold equipped with a high-speed cutting blade, so the size of the final pellet is customized.



Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Line is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon, etc. it's equipped with an advanced screw extrusion system, squeezing efficiency could reach 95%. Also can work on the accordance with washing and pelletizing line with stable capacity and whole process automation.

1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line

2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line

3. Waste PE film recycling line

4. Ethylene ground film washing, drying, granulating line

5. Waste film recycling and washing line

6. PP woven bag recycling and washing line

Plastic Film Recycling, Plastic Film Pelletizer, Plastic Squeezing Drying Pelletizer, PP PE Film Squeezing Dewatering Pelletizing


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