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PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine

PS/ABS Washing Recycling machine is mainly used to processing the waste electronics shell such as the TV, Computer, Fridge, Air condition and others; These electronics out shell mostly is made by the PS/ABS/PE/PP/Rubber/Metal and other material, but the most used part is the PS/ABS;

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PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine Description:

PS ABS washing recycling machine is mainly used for processing all kinds of TV shells, refrigerator shells, washing machine shells, computer shells, air conditioner shells, car battery shells, electric car battery shells and other waste large hollow class appliance shells shredding, crushing, cleaning, dewatering and drying, granulating, made into new plastic particles, and then recycled again.

First of all, the recycled hollow ABS PS home appliance shells are disassembled, shredded for pretreatment, in the crusher, processed into small pieces, and then after high-speed friction scrubbing to remove surface stains, and then through the salt water rinsing out part of the miscellaneous materials, and then rinsed with water, after centrifugal shaking dry dehydration and hot air drying, through clean plastic fragments. It can also be made into granules for recycling through plastic granulators.


The capacity of this recycling system ranges from 500 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr.

PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine Work process:

Depending on the application the recycling plant may include the following equipment:

Feeding Conveyor Belt – presents an even material feed to the plant.

Shredder – shreds the material into smaller pieces for use in the granulator.

Granulator – reduces the size further and makes the plastic stream more uniform.

Screw Washer – washes and transfers the material into the next step.

Sink-Float Separation Tank – removes contamination and helps wash the material.

Centrifugal Dryer – dries the product by high-speed rotation.

Thermal Dryer System – dries the material by thermal air.

Zig-Zag Classifier – removes labels and fine particles.

Bag Station – delivers the product into storage bags.

Electrical Panel – provides an interface for the operator to control the system.

We can custom-build the whole recycling line as per your requirements.


PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine Application Areas:

◆ ABS HIPS TV shell
◆ ABS washing machine shell
◆ Refrigerator shell
◆ Air conditioner shell
◆ PS car and electric car battery shell

PS ABS Washing Recycling Machine Features :

1. High yield: according to the ABS household appliances material volume, high strength, hardness and other characteristics, the development and design of a special appliance material crusher, the output than the traditional crusher increased by 30%.

2. Low energy consumption; crusher cavity thickened and heightened, the spindle is increased, and increase the counterweight wheel, using the equipment's own inertia for the knife frame structure, not stuck material, reducing the motor load, and extending the service life of the equipment.

3. Automatic control: the assembly line is equipped with several automatic control of the electrical box, safer and more convenient operation, the electrical box with electrical protection system, stable voltage (star delta buck start), low failure rate, extending the service life of the equipment.

4. Easy to operate; equipment using hydraulic bucket or gantry to change the knife, easy to operate the assembly line, low failure rate, low labor costs, safe and convenient.