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Food Waste Recycling Machine

Food waste recycling machine includes sorting and crushing food waste, then dewatering and degreasing, extracting oil and grease, anaerobic fermentation of solid materials in kitchen waste, recovery of the output biogas, solid-liquid separation of biogas, separation of digestate mixed with sludge, straw and other biomass materials, drying and briquetting to make biomass fuel. The recycling of food waste and turning waste into treasure not only realize the harmless and reduction treatment of kitchen waste, but also deal with sludge, straw and other biomass waste, and the resulting product burns completely without secondary pollution, realizing the comprehensive treatment of a variety of waste.


What is food waste?

Food waste is the household waste generated by residents’ diets, mainly including rice and flour food residues, vegetables, animal and vegetable oils, meat, bones, etc. Improper treatment of kitchen waste can easily emit bad odor, spread germs, and affect ecological safety and food safety.

The composition of food waste is complex, mainly a mixture of oil, water, peels, vegetables, rice and flour, fish, meat, bones and other substances.

kitchen waste food waste recycling

Why should I recycle food waste?

Food waste recycling not only recovers resources and gives a second life, saves landfill space and eliminates environmental pollution, it also greatly reduces the volume of waste and daily disposal and organic waste can be disposed of in a neat and tidy manner. Food waste recycling machines are ideal for communities, restaurants, offices, schools, food markets, farms and other facilities that generate organic waste on a regular basis.


How is food waste recycled?

Food waste recycling machine is mainly divided into biological and physical methods. The biological method is through crushing and dehydration after microbial fermentation into fermented feed, and the physical method is to crush and dehydrate the kitchen waste and then dry and disinfect it, crush it and make it into dry feed; no matter which treatment method, the first step is to crush and dehydrate the kitchen waste, which is more conducive to fermentation and can greatly shorten the time required for fermentation.


WANROOE has developed a set of equipment specifically for food waste treatment according to the actual situation of domestic food waste, both food and beverage waste (driving rain) and food waste (scraps) can be effectively treated, and the treated materials can be directly disinfected and followed by microbial fermentation.


After shredding and crushing, the food waste is turned into uniform-sized granules, and then the 3-8mm food waste granules are conveyed to the rinsing tank through the spiral by flushing water, and further dehydrated through the spiral extrusion dewatering machine, and the dehydrated residue is not only greatly reduced in volume, but also can effectively prevent the problem of the rapid odor of food waste in summer when the temperature is high, and reduce the breeding of mosquitoes. The dewatered residue can be used for fermentation and composting, which can be made into a pollution-free organic fertilizer, used as a biogas digester, or made into food for black water python, turning waste into treasure.


Food Waste Recycling Machine Main equipment:


Food Waste Recycling Machine Material Receiving System

Food waste recycling machine sets a material receiving system, including receiving hopper and bottom delivery chain board and spiral conveyor. Catering garbage materials are evenly sent to subsequent sorting and processing systems. In the receiving bucket, the steam jet tube can be increased. It can quickly heat the garbage according to needs, so that more oils in the garbage melt into a liquid state, flow out with water and collect for oil-water separation.

Food Waste Disposal Machine Material Receiving System


  1. Full -sealing offline fighting, effectively controlling the flavor overflow. In large volumes, you can receive 10 ~ 30 cubic food waste at one time to provide storage space and processing time for subsequent treatment.

  2. With a drain function, it can effectively remove the liquidity of organic matter, reduce subsequent squeezing or separation of pulp, and increase the processing amount within the unit time.

  3. All anticorrosive material 304 stainless steel+hot -dip galvanized pipes, durable, strong corrosion resistance.

  4. Chain docking driver, easy to maintain, facilitates the replacement of easy loss.

  5. The scope of applications is wide, and dining waste, food waste, and fruit and vegetable garbage are applicable.


Food Waste Recycling Machine-Chain plate conveyor

Food Waste Disposal Machine- Chain plate conveyor


  1. Strong conveying capacity, can convey 5~15 tons of materials per hour.

  2. A wide range of materials can be used, whether it is food and beverage waste with high water content or food waste with large pieces, it can be conveyed efficiently.

  3. The chain plate adopts mesh design, which can filter water during the conveying process for high wet food and beverage waste and provide convenience for subsequent processing.

  4. All are made of 304 stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant.

  5. As food waste has a strong corrosive, the traditional belt conveyor conveyor belt very easy to age deformation, and slipping phenomenon, stainless steel chain plate is a good solution to this series of problems, with simple maintenance, low failure rate.


Food Waste Recycling Machine-Automatic Sorting Equipment

Food Waste Disposal Machine - Automatic Sorting Equipment


  1. Applicable to food waste, it can sort out plastic bags, glass bottles and cans and other large pieces from food and beverage waste.

  2. The automatic sorting equipment adopts sealed design, which can effectively reduce the odor generated during the processing.

  3. Adopt screw conveying feed, which can produce continuously without interruption.

  4. Made of 304 stainless steel + hot dip galvanized pipe, durable and corrosion-resistant.


Food Waste Recycling Shredder

Food waste contains large pieces of organic matter, so in order to deal with this food waste more effectively and thoroughly, the food waste should be shredded.

 Food waste shredder


  1. By double-shaft shredder, it can crush coarse materials (≥30mm) such as glass bottles, plates, dishes, shells, bones and other hard materials, as well as plastic, cloth, paper boxes and other light and flexible debris into small pieces effectively.

  2. The food waste shredder blade is made of imported high-quality alloy steel, both high hardness and high toughness, with strong wear resistance and impact resistance, without frequent replacement.

  3. The surface of the frame is treated with electrostatic powder spraying, and the hopper is made of 304 stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance.

  4. Domestic famous brand power source, strong driving force, system processing capacity 5~20t/h.


Food waste press and dewatering machine

Food waste press and dewatering machine


  1. The part in contact with materials is made of 304 stainless steel, with strong anti-corrosion ability, and can be easily disassembled for maintenance after a long time use.

  2. The spindle is dynamically balanced after all the assembly is completed, the whole machine is controlled by frequency conversion, the spindle speed is adjustable, and different speeds can be selected for different materials.

  3. Adapt to various domestic kitchen waste (catering, food waste, etc.), can achieve a more ideal treatment effect.

  4. The bearings adopt SKF brand, in order to ensure the service life of the bearings and stable operation, the bearing seat adopts an automatic lubrication system.

  5. Domestic famous brand power source, strong driving force, system processing capacity 5~20t/h.


Food waste crushing and dewatering machine

For the situation that the food waste recycling machine site is relatively limited, we specially developed the crushing and dewatering integrated machine, the whole machine not only covers a small area, easy to layout, and can reduce the crusher and dewatering.

At the same time, the machine adopts sealed design, which can effectively reduce the problem of odor spillage at the treatment site.

Food waste crushing and dewatering machine


  1. The part in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel, which has strong anti-corrosion ability and can be easily disassembled for maintenance after long time of use.

  2. One-piece design can greatly save equipment space.

  3. For materials with particularly high water content, it can effectively solve the problem of difficult material conveying.

  4. The bearing adopts the SKF brand, in order to ensure the service life of the bearing and stable operation, the bearing seat adopts an automatic lubrication system.

  5. Famous brand power source, strong driving force, system processing capacity 5~10t/h.


Start your food waste recycling from WANROOETECH, WANROOETECH food waste shredder and food waste recycling machine. There are various models available with different sizes and capacities, contact us for more information.

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