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Waste Tire Recycling Line

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Waste Tire Recycling Line

Waste Tire Recycling Line

The rubber powder production line is used for processing used tires and rubbers to fine rubber powders. The end product size can reach 30~120 mesh was free of steel wire and fiber.


Modified asphalt

The road adopted rubber powder modified asphalt is more durable, less flaw and weather fastness is better than the ordinary road. With the rubber powder modlified asphalt, the road could avoid getting soft and flowing or being full of cracks due to the high temperature and cold weather, besides, it could lower the noise, etc. To pave a two-way six-lane highway with rubber powder modified asphalt, each kilometer will consume the rubber powder made from 10000 wasted tires.

Rubber floor tile

Colorful elastic rubber floor tile consists of two layer materials whose density is different. The surface layer is made by fine powder and dyed to be colorful by a special process, and the bottom layer is made by rough rubber powder or rubber granules.

Rubber product which is produced by replacing raw rubber with rubber powder

It is possible to produce specific duct rubber overshoes, rubber belts and tire,s etc. by using rubber powder individually or reclaimed rubber instead of using part of raw rubber.

Reclaimed rubber

The rubber powder will be reclaimed rubber after being processed under high temperature and High-pressure desulfurization. Reclaimed rubber is the main material for making rubber products.


1. Tire Debeader

Debeader: Tire Wire Drawing Machine can pull the steel out of the tire completely, then, the tyre will be easily crushed and cut.

Application: tire diameter≤Φ1.2M.

tire debeader, tire wire drawing machine

2、Tire Pre-cutter

Crocodile Shears: If the tire size is too large, you can use the Tire Cutter Machine to Pre-cut it. Options for different force & blade lengths.

tire cutter machine

3、Suspended Magnetic Separator
The principle of adsorbing the iron material by the electromagnet, energization generates a magnetic field that adsorbs the iron substance, and sends it out through the belt to achieve the purpose of removing the steel wire.

4、Tire Two Shaft Shredder
Two shaft shredder: Cut the tire into rubber pieces(50mm to 150mm)which are easier for the following process.

tire shredder

5、Rubber Rasper
Rubber Rasper: Specially designed to process 50x50mm tire chips into 10~15mm rubber granules, at the same time separating the rubber and steel wire.

rubber rasper

6、Rubber Crusher
Rubber crusher: The 10~15 mm rubber coarse particles are further processed into uniform, high-quality 1~4 mm fine particles. Adjustable tool clearance optimizes output function, the knife is easy to change, and screens with different hole sizes can be used to ensure more flexible production. The blade is made of DC53 and is wear-resisting.

rubber crusher machine

 7、Fiber Separator
Fiber separator: The negative pressure is generated in the closed sorting cylinder by the exhaust fan, and the material sinks and floats in this state to be separated into two parts, light and heavy, that is, the fibers and the rubber particles are separated.

Fiber Separator

8、Rubber Miller
Rubber miller: The 1~4 mm rubber fine particles were ground into rubber powder of 30~ 200 mesh. Two discs rotate in different directions creating friction between them which creates a cutting and grinding material until the desired size is achieved.

Rubber Miller, Rubber Pulverizer

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