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Industrial Film Shopping Bag Food Bag Woven Bag Double Single Shaft Shredder Industrial Film Shopping Bag Food Bag Woven Bag Double Single Shaft Shredder

Double-roller shredder of WANROOETECH are designed and manufactured for recycling wide range of waste materials, for example, plastic, rubber, paper, wood, etc. Espeicalaly, it has the higher working efficiency for films and woven bags than the double-shaft shredder. But It is different from the double-shaft shredder because it has the same rotor and blades as single-shaft shredder.
By different requirements such as the input and output size of the material, capacity, etc, WANROOETECH can work out the best suitable proposal to meet our customer’s request.

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Double Single Shaft Shredder Application :

Double Single Shaft Shredder Machine is suited for shopping bags, garment bag, plastic bag, food bag/wrap, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink wrap, paper towel and toilet paper overwrap, air packs (from shipped packages), agricultural film, industrial film, BOPP plastic film, printed film, woven bag, tons bag, jumbo bag, raffia bag, Big Bag, Raffia Big Bag, Bulk Bag, etc.

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Double Single Shaft Shredder Description:

Double single shaft shredder is widely used in medium, low-speed high torque of crushing equipment. With the unique design of the rotor and cut chamber, the rotor knives and the counter knives cut materials perfectly so that they can not only cut materials evenly but also reduce the dust of the raw materials reasonably. It can reduce the wear of knives and screens. Rotor shaft surface can be build-up welding wear-resisting layer, making the shredder more suitable for the easily wearing material to have the most abrasion performance and better usage rate.

Compared with an ordinary single shaft shredder, double single shaft shredder has two moving knife shafts working at the same time, which makes it have a higher work efficiency. Compared with the double shaft shredding machine, its working mode is not very the same, the double shaft shredder machine uses the meshing of two moving knife shafts to tear materials. The double single shaft shredder machine is still the use of moving the knife in the fixed knife with shredding materials. Although the shape and structure of double rod single shaft shredding machine are similar to the double shaft shredding machine, its essence is the combination of two single shaft shredding machines. Therefore, compared with the biaxial shredding machine, it is more suitable for the treatment of the film, woven bags and other materials with strong winding. The Z - type screen is used to deal with the material with strong winding.

Compared with the ordinary single shaft shredder machine, the internal structure has no pushing arm and uses gravity and double shaft shredder meshing force instead of feeding. With left and right side more moving knife, fixed knife and screen.

Double Single Shaft Shredder blade :

Double Single Shaft Shredder blade

Working principle:

Double Single Shaft Shredder use dual-motor to drive dual-gearbox, turn high rotate speed of the electric motors into the low rotate speed of cutter rollers by gearboxes, then cutting, squeezing, and tearing big materials, shred them into small broken pieces.

The rotational speed of the cutter roller is nearly 10-25RPM. The low rotate speed with high torque force. And the materials of cutters are high-quality alloy steel with good abrasion resistance.

Industrial Film Shopping Bag Food Bag Woven Bag Double Single Shaft Shredder Features:

V-cutting rotor designHeat treated rotor knives

V-cutting rotor design

with staggered cutter positioning

Heat treated rotor knives

Special DC53 steel (hardened) four edges use before replacement

Twin Rotors DesignWear Resistant Tungsten surface coating

Twin Rotors Design

Twin rotors design, generating tearing and shredding effect;

Wear Resistant

Tungsten surface coating for abrasive applications

Big-volume hopperReplaceable screen at the outlet

Big-volume hopper

For efficient feeding and applicable to be connected with an in-feed conveyor

Replaceable screen at the outlet

For controlling shreds under the required size. The size of the screen hole is customizable

 PLC controlDual motor design

PLC control

Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance

Dual motor design

For increasing the output

Shredder Diameter(mm)300400400400400
Rotating& Fixed Blades QTY60+478+496+4102+4132+6
Capacity (kg/h)450700100012001500
Main Motor Power(kw)22×230×245×255×275×2