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Waste Plastic Granulator Operation 6 Major Considerations

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Precautions before using the plastic granulator. We can enter the formal operation stage after we have checked properly according to the precautions before use and preparation. How do we proceed in the process of operation, what needs attention? Next, I will talk to you about the precautions in the operation of the plastic granulator.


1, plastic granulator and power unit should be installed firmly. If the plastic crusher needs to be fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on a cement foundation; if the plastic crusher needs to be mobile, the unit should be installed in the seat made of angle iron, and to ensure that the power machine (diesel engine or electric motor) and the plastic crusher pulley slot in the same rotary plane.

2, after the installation of the plastic granulator to check the fastening of each fastener, if loose to give to tighten. At the same time to check the belt tightness is appropriate.   

3, before starting the plastic granulator, rotate the rotor by hand, check whether the teeth and claws, hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, the crusher chamber has no collision, the rotor rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the machine arrow, power machine and plastic crusher lubrication is good.  


4, do not casually replace the pulley, in case the speed is too high resulting in an explosion in the crushing chamber, or the speed is too low to affect the efficiency of the crusher.   

5, plastic crusher should be kept idle for 2 to 3min after starting, no abnormalities before feeding work.   

6, the work should always pay attention to the operation of the plastic granulator, first of all, feed the material evenly to prevent blockage of the crushing chamber; secondly, do not work for a long time overload. If found vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, outward spraying material and other phenomena, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting before continuing to work.