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Scrap PET Plastic Strap Recycling Machine

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Scrap PET strap recycling makes sense. Polyester (PET) is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, which is widely used for making into many daily products, such as PET strap, PET bags, PET pipes, PET bottles etc.. This material is fully recyclable, and thus scrap PET products can be collected and recycled to make new PET products.

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PET strap is one of the most popular strapping products which is adopted for various baling machines. During tying process, you can use either electric strapping gun or pneumatic strapping gun to seal the PET straps through the principle of heat melting, thus no need to use metal clip/buckle to connect the two ends of plastic strap. Plastic strap has low chance to damage your products and also features with high tension strength. Also, it is less costly than steel wire strap. Owing to all these advantages as well as performance benefits, polyester strap/PET strap becomes a widely used tying material for normal packing and for bundling pressed bales made by various baling machines.

However, many people don’t know how to properly dispose used polyester straps because once after the packs are opened , the straps becomes a mess. These straps are then thrown into non-recyclable rubbish bin and unfortunately are ended up in landfill. In fact, polyester straps can be well recycled, using a granulator or shredder to reduce the size of the scrap straps into small pieces as a first steps, and through further watching, melting, re-forming processes, new PET granules will be produced. Wanrooetech offers wide range of granulators and shredders of various applications and capacities, and there are a few models that are perfect for shredding polyester strap scraps. After size reduction through Wanrooetech shredders/granulators, the small pieces of straps will then be transferred to specialized plastic recycling facility for further processing to produce new polyester material which will be used for making various polyester products.

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