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How to choose the right CNC knife grinding machine?

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To choose the right CNC knife grinding machine to use according to the application requirements, so from which aspects should you choose it? The grinding length of fine grinder ranges from 1.6M to 10M, which can basically meet the requirements of various lengths of flat blades in the world. The normal edge type is single-edged, which means it needs to be sharpened once, or you can adjust the sharpening position and stop repeating compound sharpening. Then comes the cutting material and fineness. Knife grinder grinding out of the blade, mainly strips of the straight-edge blade, you can use the straight edge blade cutting middle, such as packaging paper board, printing paper, copy paper, plastic floor film, plastic leather products, slate, meat, etc.

At present, the design of the CNC knife grinding machine body has changed the original loose frame structure to steel plate closed welding structure, which improves the strength of the body and increases and prolongs its service life.

CNC knife grinder is used in wood processing, paper making and printing industries. The operation method and usage of the knife sharpener should also be made known to more people.

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When using the CNC knife sharpener, put the knife on the knife table with the same amount of protrusion at both ends of the knife, which can be fine-tuned with the top wire. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife adsorbed on the tool table. Adjust the angular position between the grinding wheel and the blade. If the blade touches the grinding wheel, turn the feed handwheel to separate them. Then, turn on the power, turn on the power switch and the machine enters into normal operation. Then, turn the feed handwheel to push the blade in slowly and evenly until it touches the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well. This series of processes should be operated under the guidance of a special person to avoid unfamiliarity.

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