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Plastic Squeeze Dryer VS Plastic Dewatering Machine

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Plastic squeeze dryer, also called plastic squeezing machine, works by dewatering and squeezing the crushed and cleaned film (agricultural film, ground film, greenhouse film, packaging film, PP woven bag, snake skin bag, ton bag, etc.) into a dough, this equipment can be used alone or together with waste plastic film recycling and washing line. 

Plastic Squeeze Dryer, Plastic Squeezing Machine

The Plastic squeeze dryer is equipped with rotary screw device, the main features are

1. Advanced spiral extrusion and drying technology

2. Anti-clogging and high output

3. Low noise, low maintenance frequency

4. High dewatering efficiency

5. Special wear-resistant material on the spiral surface

6. Modular design of the box, convenient for maintenance

7. A shredder can be added at the discharge point to shred the materials that are caked due to extrusion

8. With machine and electrical overload protection

The Plastic squeeze dryer has the following advantages compared with the traditional centrifugal plastic dewatering machine configuration hot air drying equipment.

plastic dewatering machine
   plastic dewatering machine

1. Unique squeezing and drying (squeezing and kneading) principle, solving the problem of difficult dewatering of traditional film or filament plastic.

2.Good squeezing and drying effect: more than 95% guaranteed.

3. very high cost performance.

4. Mechanical extrusion dewatering, compared with the original centrifugal dewatering machine heating wind drying, great savings in electricity consumption and energy.

5. continuous production and high degree of automation.