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Electronic Waste Shredder For Sale

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What is electronic waste?

Electronic waste refers to an abandoned electronic electrical product, an electronic electrical equipment (hereinafter referred to as product or equipment) and its waste parts, components incorporated into electronic waste management items, substances. Including scrapped products or equipment generated in industrial production activities, scrapped semi-finished products, products or equipment maintenance, refurbishment, remanufacturing process, daily life or activities for daily life provide services or equipment And the laws and regulations prohibit the production or imported products or equipment.

electronic waste

What is electronic waste shredder?

Electronic waste shredder machine is also known as the solid waste shredder, electronic waste shredder, reducing the material size by shearing, tearing and extrusion. WANROOETECH has more than 20 years of torn production research experience, and improved, developed, launched technology maturation, and designing advanced biaxial waste crusher series based on the actual situation in China. Provide quality and reliable equipment for the pre-disruption of waste recycling for waste recycling. This electronic waste shredder machine can be used to break computer hard drive, computer motherboard, waste mobile phone, VCD, PCB board, white appliance, washing machine, refrigerator, induction cooker, etc., 1 hour can crusher 1000 computer hard drives, and China, we are currently working with more government agencies to make great contributions to China's electronic waste treatment.

Electronic waste shredder video:

Electronic waste refers to appliances or electronic devices that are discarded no longer use, including PCB boards, computer hard drives, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, TV, wires and other home appliance products. Electronic waste needs to be carefully dealt with, in some developing countries, the phenomenon of electronic waste is very serious, resulting in environmental pollution that threatens the health of local residents.

WANROOETECH has rich practical experience. We use biaxial tear technology to achieve low-energy, efficient processing of electronic waste. The imported alloy blade used by the shredder can well adapt to the high mixing material of domestic garbage. At the same time, the special blade material has a good service life, which is also our great advantage. Different, we use European advanced blade repair technology, can restore the initial integrity and sharpness of the blade without replacing the entire knife, do not have a wide range of maintenance, and greatly saving your maintenance time, Human and material costs.

It is well known that the scope of application of electronic waste shredders is very broad, and it is very good for all areas, including electronic waste treatment. In the present society, electronic waste is also underestimated to environmental pollution, although these electronic products bring endless convenience to people, it has also caused great troubles for society.

The application of electronic waste shredding in electronic waste treatment is very convenient. Under the powerful crushing capabilities of electronic waste shredders, electronic waste can be more effective for electronic waste, which is not only advanced and very efficient and fast. Metal particles can be processed again, not only has certain economic value, but also a huge gospel for domestic environmental protection.

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