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Car Shell Recycling Line

Car Shell Recycling Line


The Car Shell Crushing & Recycling line is developed by WANROOETECH Company. The car shell and wasted metal (such as wasted iron, aluminum and engine casing etc) will be crushed, separated by the recycling line, after that, the wasted metal could be reused easily. The wanrooetch machine has already got the national invention patent and utility model patent for this recycling line.



The scrap metal of iron, plastic and other impurities can be separated effectively

Baled Metal
Baled Aluminum
Metal Drum

Equipment Characteristic

Capacity 5—40 sets per hour
Blades ●  Various blades. For thin material, it will use the VZ type blade which is suitable for coarse crushing and is good for improving the capacity. The service life for welding blade is longer and the maintenance for welding blades is easier.
●  When it recycle thicker material, it could use a detachable blade which is easy for installation, and more wear-resisting, easier for maintenance.
Characteristic ●  Low power consumption, Small and medium-sized processing, Easy maintenance, low maintenance cost. For the line with capacity of 8—12ton/h, the installed power is 400kw, power consumption will be about 30kw/ton each hour.
●  It adopts hydraulic motor instead of gearbox for a metal shredder, so the torsion has been improved, it makes the shredding process to be steady. At the same time, it reduces the probability of Mechanical damage.
●  Siemens PLC control, dynamic real-time monitor.

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