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Waste Plastic Aluminum Recycling Machine

Waste Aluminium Plastic Recycling Separator

Aluminium Plastic Recycling Separator

Why we need aluminum-plastic separation recycling machine?

Aluminum-plastic recycling is a field of high economic returns. Aluminum would earn $1325 per ton, to be split by the municipality and recycling company- -all good news for municipalities, recycling companies, and our environment.
Besides that, you will find a lot of examples of plastic aluminum composite in our daily life, for example, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe, aluminum foil packaging, aseptic composite packaging waste (asepticfoil, bottleneck foil, and yogurt lids), aluminum plastic board, waste medical blister, etc.
Therefore, aluminum-plastic separation means a lot to us.

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Aluminum Plastic Sorting Recycling Machine is used for recovery of waste aluminum-plastic materials, can put the aluminum and plastic separation, aluminum plastic separator adopts crushing, grinding, separating, dust removing technology process to achieve completely & simultaneously separating recycling aluminum metal and plastic powder. And the recycled aluminum powder can be sold directly to the aluminum reclamation plants and fireworks and firecrackers plants, the PVC powder also can be sold in the market as the re-process materials.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Application Areas:
Aluminum plastic recycling machine is mainly used to recycle various aluminum-plastic panels, waste plastic aluminum, toothpaste tubes, pharmaceutical blister packaging, pharmaceutical capsule plates, pharmaceutical blister foil, aluminum and plastic plates, various aluminum plates, waste aluminum plastic food bags, Milk bag, yogurt aluminum foil sealing cover, bottleneck aluminum foil cover, aseptic aluminum foil cover waste, circuit board, aluminum laminate, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite tube, aluminum composite panel scrap and aluminum composite panel fragments, etc.

aluminum  plastic recycling machine application

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Video:

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Working principle:
The waste aluminum plastic panels packaging and other materials enter the crusher through the conveyor belt and are processed into small flakes through the crusher. The flake materials enter the plastic pulverizer to grind into powder, and the bucket-lift feeder transports the aluminum-plastic mixture to the electrostatic separator machine separates the aluminum and plastic materials, and all the exhaust gas is concentrated in the pulse dust collector, and the dust in the exhaust gas is removed and discharged into the air.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Process Flow:


Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Technical Features:
1. High automation program, simple operation and stable performance;
2. The separation efficiency of electro-selection is up to 99%, and the finished product can be sold directly;
3. No waste water discharge, real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution;
4. low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution;
5. Wide range of sorting materials, fast sorting speed;
6. The aluminum-plastic sorting and reusing treatment equipment adopts water-cooled and air-cooled turbine mills, which make the material separation cleaner and adapt to a wider variety of materials.

What's the use of the finished products?

The recycled aluminum could be directly used for smelting aluminum ingots, or directly used in aluminum powder factories, fireworks plants and aluminum plants, while the separated plastic can be used to make plastic sheets, tubes, packages and water pipes. This makes the aluminum plastic separation recycling business has a big potential market.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Main Equipment:

1、Aluminum Plastic Crusher 

Aluminum Plastic Crusher Feature:

1. The external bearing seat can effectively prevent materials from entering the bearing and cause machine failure, and can effectively improve the service life of the machine.

2. The blade is made of D2 material, which belongs to high-quality tool steel with a hardness of 59-60HRC, which has the advantages of good toughness and long service life.

3. The blade can also be upgraded to DC53 material or laser strengthened blade, and its service life can reach about 1.5 times of the D2 tool.

4. Adopting a knife design, higher output, suitable for film, tablet packaging, etc.!

aluminum plastic recycling crusher

2、Aluminum Plastic Pulverizer

Why use PNMP Pulverizer:

The PNMP Pulverizer structure blade is cheaper. It uses high-speed impact and cutting. Due to the difference in shrinkage of aluminum and plastic, plastic film and aluminum film are separated!

PNMF Pulverizer can also be used in the production of tablet aluminum-plastic, but the blade wears fast, but the output is high! PNMP Pulverizers are more widely used, so there are no worries!

PNMP aluminum plastic pulverizer machine

3、Electrostatic Separator

Electrostatic separation methods have been utilized for the past 50 years (the commercial-scale beneficiation of industrial minerals and the recycling of waste materials. It has been successfully applied to separate metal/nonmetal mixtures, i.e. aluminum or copper from plastics or paper. All electrostatic separation systems contain a system to electrically charge the particles, an externally generated electric field for the separation to occur in, and a method of conveying particles into and out the separation device.

High tension roll electrostatic separation systems have been used in many industries and applications where one component is more electrically conductive than the others. Examples of applications for high tension roll separators include titanium bearing minerals separation, as well as recycling applications, for example, sorting the metal from plastic.

Electrostatic Separator for separate aluminum and plastic

4、Pulse dust collector(Optional)

Pulse dust collector is widely applied to dust purification in hardware, cement, building materials, ceramics, electronics, chemical industry, footwear, foundry, plastics, aluminum products, metallurgy, electric power, leather, food, machinery processing, nonferrous metals, and other industrial fields.

Because this dust collector adopts the ash cleaning method with pulse injection, has the advantages of good cleaning effect, high purification efficiency, large air volume, long life of filter bag, small maintenance work and safe and reliable operation.

Pulse dust collector

Bag dust collector: 

It can replace the pulse dust collector, the structure of the intersecting pulse dust collector is simple, the area is small, and the price is lower, but there is a certain gap between the processing efficiency and the pulse dust collector.

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