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Manhole Cover Hydraulic Press Machine

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Wanrooe manhole cover hydraulic press machine can also press other FRP resin material products, you need to heat the waste plastic for extrusion, and then weigh the material into the mould cavity, start the equipment for the mould closing, and then heating and holding pressure for a few minutes, and then the mould back to the process, the manhole cover even if the pressing is completed.


Wanrooe Heavy Industry can design and produce manhole cover hydraulic presses of different tonnages, such as 200 tonnes, 315 tonnes, 400 tonnes, etc., according to the needs of customers.

manhole cover type

Manhole cover hydraulic press machine process:

1、Preparing waste plastic to be heated by extruder.

2、Measure and fill the resin raw material into the mould of required type.

3、Place the welded steel skeleton into the mould and fix it firmly.

4、Fill the remaining resin material into the mould and spread it evenly.

5、Start the manhole cover moulding hydraulic press to press the product.

6、Products in the mould of high temperature and machine under high pressure conditions gradually curing moulding

7、When the designed holding pressure time arrives, the manhole cover forming hydraulic machine starts to return, the product is shaped, taken out from the mould and cooled down.

8、Products are taken out, clean up the burrs, make it smooth all around, and place it smoothly to prevent deformation.

9、Products initial cooling thick, install the required accessories, for 1 metre free fall weight test.

Wanrooe produce this manhole cover hydraulic press machine generally adopts three-beam four-column structure, tonnage are not very large, compact structure, PLC control, applicable to all kinds of metal and plastic material stretching forming, if there is a special need for special needs, our company can be customised according to the actual needs of the production.