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Factors affecting the output of plastic shredder machine

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Plastic shredding machines can be used for all kinds of waste plastic crushing processing, the equipment is not only widely used, but the price is also more favorable and close to the people. There will be a lot of situations in the actual production process, plastic shredding machine production and feeding speed, way, feeding size, nature, equipment quality is closely related to, these factors will affect its output to a certain extent.

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For shredding different materials processing speed is different, plastic shredding machine output is very different, such as shredding waste paper and plastic, shredding paint bucket and plastic pipe production is different, for what is better shredding is high output, for what is difficult to break the material output is lower. In addition, plastic shredding machine equipment has different models, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, etc. The larger the shredding model, the greater the feeding quantity will be, the higher the processing speed will be, the greater the output will be, the power of the motor used is large, the power is strong, the processing rate will be high, the output will be high.


Mechanical equipment in the use and maintenance manual "is clearly and maintenance regulations, but in practice often did not cause enough attention, the emergence of shredding machine of plastic machinery and equipment parts between the different degree of loosening, wear, corrosion and fouling, will cause the device performance, fuel economy, reliability and other performance indicators fell, the accident caused by the machine. Therefore, plastic shredding machine light repair is not good to pay attention to the technical maintenance of equipment.

If the use of plastic shredding machine equipment is found abnormal sound, then the user needs to check whether the shaft of the equipment cavity is damaged, if not, it means that the butter on the shaft is too little, resulting in the increase of friction between the shaft and the gear abnormal sound, this small fault needs to be found in time to solve, to avoid causing major trouble, Users need to regularly add butter to the shaft to prevent shaft damage due to poor lubrication. If the user finds the problem of poor crushing efficiency of plastic shredding machine in the production process, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection. This situation is likely to be caused by a long time crushing of materials with greater hardness. The gap between the cutter head and the inner cavity of the equipment becomes larger. As long as the user checks the cutter head is not worn, there is no need to replace it, just adjust the gap between the blades.

In order to ensure the reliability of the plastic shredding machine, improve work efficiency, prolong the service life of the plastic shredding machine equipment to take a series of technical measures is very must want, often with plastic shredding machine "sick" operation, only when the machine can no longer work, just sent to repair is not desirable. Frequent inspection of the equipment, to find problems, to ensure that plastic shredding long time good operation!